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Thank you for coming to learn about my policy platform. I would be honored to have your vote.

I also have a plan to serve you more directly. View my plan for constituent service and outreach here

Please contact me at info(at) if you have any questions.



The battle against homelessness starts long before someone is sleeping outside. Housing insecurity is a spectrum and ending homelessness means investing in more housing. Access to preventative support services is essential so no one gets to the point where sleeping outdoors is their only option. Homelessness is a complicated problem that disproportionately affects LGBTQ+ teens and people of color. Solutions require active participation and cooperation from leaders at the city, county, state, and federal levels.


As your representative, I will continue to work with service providers, community leaders, and people experiencing homelessness to implement comprehensive solutions that will work in our city.

My major priorities upon entering office will be:
● Investigating inefficiencies, government waste, and abuse in our homelessness response
● Establish a local advisory council to inform my policy work on homelessness in Washington
● Build more housing and incentivize redevelopment to supportive housing communities
● Eliminate veteran homelessness by more effectively delivering services to this population
● Create a G.I. Bill for housing, to make sure that no veteran ever has to sleep outside again
● Support the creation of an integrated case management system

Jimmy's plan to fight homelessness and housing instability is available here.

Kids Doctor Checkup

Our elected leaders have built a healthcare system that only serves patients until it is no longer convenient for insurance companies and big business. Access to quality health care should not be determined by the preferences of your employer or by whether your GoFundMe page goes viral.


I have been impacted by this profit motive in my own health care. We must remove health care uncertainty and invest in a system that is based on people, not profit.  I will cosponsor and fiercely support H.R. 1976 - Medicare for All.




We must stop the epidemic of gun violence in our nation. I have fought to toughen penalties against those who knowingly buy guns that will be used in a crime and to stop interstate gun trafficking. 


I believe in common sense reforms like banning assault weapons, requiring mandatory background checks at gun shows, increasing penalties for gun trafficking, and investing in a healthcare system that supports mental health.




Corporations buy elections by funding the campaigns of elected officials at every level. When  a member of Congress spends more time with corporate donors and Wall Street bankers than they do with their own constituents, it robs everyday Americans of the opportunity to be heard and denies them effective representation.


I have pledged not to accept a single dollar from corporate PAC’s and would vote to end Citizens United. Our democracy is more important than campaign fundraising. 


We are in a climate emergency. Red smoky skies and serious drought continue to show the severity of our crisis.  The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reported that we have 10 years remaining to prevent irreversible damage to the Earth due to global warming. Without a healthy planet and a commitment to environmental justice, every other conversation is a waste of time.


I support sweeping and immediate climate change policies like the Green New Deal that invest in clean energy jobs and our children’s future. 



Image by Jamie Edwards

The War on Drugs is a failure and the patchwork of cannabis laws across the country continue to disproportionately penalize minority communities. As more states end cannabis prohibition, it is essential for the Federal government to end the disjointed and unpredictable legal landscape that makes it impossible for cannabis consumers and businesses to build their lives without fear.

I support the end of Federal cannabis prohibition. New policies must support small-businesses and equity for minority cannabis operators. I will work to eliminate the "280E" tax loophole that prevents cannabis operators from competing in a fair market.


As a queer person, this is personal to me. Equality under the law must apply to all of us, not some of us. No one should be turned away from jobs, housing, or healthcare because of prejudice. I am committed to passing stronger protections for the LGBTQ+ community. 

As your member of Congress, I will work to pass comprehensive anti-discrimination policies, protect the privacy and right to healthcare of transgender people, and ban conversion therapy. We must step up to champion legislation that will better the lives of LGBTQ+ residents in the Sacramento region.

_LGBTIQ+ LIVES MATTER_ sign - pride para


Image by Omar Lopez

No woman should have to live in fear or silence, yet women's rights continue to come under attack.

As a staffer to Congressman Cummings, I drafted legislation that would have extended workplace harassment protections to unpaid interns in the public and private sectors. As your member of Congress, I will fight for pay equity, repeal the Hyde Amendment, defend Planned Parenthood, and will stand against attacks on reproductive rights. 

This will include paying all of my staff equal wages for equal work and fighting aggressively against discrimination of all types.

credit: Omar Lopez


Everyday Americans pay far too much in taxes while corporations and the ultra-rich exploit a tax code full of loopholes designed to get them out of paying almost anything.


I support a wealth tax that would tax 2 percent of wealth over $50 million and 3 percent over $1 billion. This would affect 0.001 percent of American families while making sure that working class families aren't the only ones chipping in. 

With a more equitable tax code, we will be far better prepared to take on the complicated challenges of good government.

Image by Olga DeLawrence
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